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Global Supply Chain& Product Operations

It’s all about the flow.

The Gap Inc. Global Supply Chain and Product Operations team is composed of thousands of employees across the world working to bring together the art and science of creating the right product, made well and delivered at the right time.

Thanks to our enormous size and scale, we are uniquely positioned to drive transformative change in the retail industry through both brand collaboration and mill and vendor partnerships. As we work diligently to create operational efficiency and value to the business, our Global Supply Chain is without doubt the true product engine of the enterprise.

Think globally.

The best part of GSC is our people – across our divisions, we are comprised of individuals around the world, each unique in culture, career experience, and product expertise. We are united through our love of our iconic American fashion brands and our drive to create products that our customers love.

The product engine of Gap Inc.

In GSC, we bring product to life. We are strategists, forward-thinkers and industry experts – we incorporate market intelligence, innovation and technology to make, create and deliver the highest quality products into the hands and hearts of our customers.

Global Supply Chain & Product Operations By the Numbers